Rumors about the fate of BP on East Houston first surfaced in the summer of 2009. Curbed reported at the time that the former Gaseteria gas station would shutter, ushering in a new mega-lot in a high-trafficked area. A developer’s wet dream right on the northeastern fringe of SoHo. The errant speculation gained legs this past January when a heavy duty soil-sampling rig arrived on scene to test for a future foundation.

Well, earlier this week, the Observer confirmed what is to transpire here. Gas will be replaced with glass at 298 Lafayette, yet everything remains super hush-hush. Even Community Board 2 is reportedly in the dark. Sources tell the paper that the eight-year-old BP lease will soon expire, paving the way for a “five- to seven-story commercial loft development with luxury retail.” The new property is allegedly repped by CB Richard Ellis.

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